Get your favorite spice today!

6 different flavors to choose from!

* Texas style brisket rub *

* Ultimate steak seasoning *

* Pecos chicken seasoning *

* Texas style rib rub *

* All Purpose Tex-Mex Seasoning *

* Faijita Seasoning with Tenderizer *

Howdy! from Trailmaster seasonings and Rubs.

Why settle for those boring store bought meat seasonings that just do not add a special taste to your master planned barbecue meal.  All of our blended spices are unique to the type of meat you are slow smoking or grilling, and will add a flavor that can only be described as beyond delicious.

We here at Trailmaster Spices have put years of experience and testing into our blends, not just by testing them in competition, but also by winning those competitions.

So when you plan on cooking up that perfect barbecue dinner, plan on bringing Trailmaster seasonings to the pit. Anyone and everyone that is lucky enough to be at your table come supper time will be asking what your secret is to making the best tasting brisket, chicken, ribs or whatever you might be grilling or smoking. I can promise you, that if you like true Texas flavor in your cooking, Trailmaster Seasonings is all you will ever need.


Buy 1 Spice = $6 each

Buy 2 Spice = $5.50 each

Buy 3 Spice = $5.00 each

Buy 4 or more Spice = $4.50 each


Within the 48 Continental US = $5.00 per order

International = $20 per order



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