Tips For Hosting A True Texan BBQ Party

As the saying goes ‘Everything is big in Texas’, the Texan BBQ Party is no exception. You do not have to go to Texas. Stay where you are and we offer you swashing ideas for a Texan BBQ Party. Set the backdrop Texan BBQ Party will be a fun – frolicking experience for... [Read more]

How To Use Bbq Smoker Wood Chips

Smoker wood chips are widely available from your local BBQ or garden store, and come in a huge variety of flavours from different manufacturers. The question is, why use them? The answer is simply to add additional flavour to your food, and smoker wood chips achieve this... [Read more]

BBQ Beef Brisket Cooking Tips

There is nothing as delicious as a BBQ brisket. The smoky flavor and tender texture is second to none. If you’ve never grilled a brisket before, you may want to find out a few BBQ tips that will help your brisket turn out as tender as possible. If you have not seen... [Read more]

Fire Pits: Finding the Right Model for You

There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in front of a warm fire in the evening, the burning logs crackling as the flames leap and dance. And while many enjoy the indoor fireplace experience, a fire pit in the back yard is what most folks prefer. Aside from being an attractive... [Read more]

Smoked Bbq Baby Back Ribs Recipe

While it is relatively common for baby back ribs to be grilled or braised for a relatively brief period, the best results come from a low-and-slow smoking process using the right combination of wood chunks to give it a truly distinctive aroma and flavor.This smoked rib recipe... [Read more]

How to Smoke a Brisket

A brisket is known to be the toughest cut of meat from a cow, though when prepared and cooked correctly it can be the best tasting and most tender meat you will ever eat. In this section, I will teach you how to choose, prepare, and barbeque a brisket, Texas style, to achieve... [Read more]

How to Smoke a Beef Brisket – Things You Need to Know

Beef brisket is proven as one of the hardest kind of meats to cook. People use so much effort in cooking this type of beef, and at times, if they did not properly cook it, it can be very disappointing. People who want know how to cook a beef brisket should maintain their... [Read more]

Texas Barbecue Beef Brisket Recipes Come From a Tradition of Early American Outdoor Cooking

There is some evidence that suggests the preparing and cooking of beef brisket just might be how the barbecue process came about. Many Germans immigrated to Texas in the late 1800’s/early1900’s. The Texas cattle industry was booming at that time and the Germans... [Read more]

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